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The Holiday season is my favorite time of the year….the lights, decorations, hustle and bustle and of course….the parties.  I have always looked forward to decorating at Christmas time so after taking over Bank Street Events, I literally dreamed about the grand décor I could do for December.  This past December we had the opportunity to host many company holiday parties and were able to create a warm + inviting space for every party. Each different in their own ways but all shared the loving and joyous attitudes of the festive season….I can’t wait til next year!

Happy 2015!
Xo Nikki
My baby turned 2!  2nd birthdays are fun to plan because you child is at the age where they can interact more at the party so you want to pick a theme that is fun for everyone. My daughter loves Peppa Pig, so it was a no brainer what the theme of her 2nd birthday would be. Peppa is a adorable pig that lives with her brother George, her Mum and her Dad. Her favorite things to do are playing games, dressing up and jumping in mud puddles. There are so many elements from the show that you can incorporate in the décor. I decorated the tables with pink + white striped tablecloths and I used rain boots with tutu wands for the centerpieces. Pink + white patterned bunting was draped around the house that added a great touch and backdrop for photos. Another great décor idea was using green outdoor carpets that looked like grass for the display tables. On the tables I had the Peppa themed cake, personalized water bottles, and “mud-pie” desserts.  Life-size versions of Peppa, George, Mum, and Dad from the show were on display for all the kids to take pictures with as well.  For activities, each kid was given a white umbrella to decorate however they wanted. A petting zoo was set up outside with ducks, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, and bunnies. The highlight of the party was Dallas the white pony who gave all the kids a ride around the yard! It was an awesome party!
XO Nikki
A Moroccan theme party is full of beautiful and exotic touches. This unique theme will transform your party into anything by typical. A few weeks ago, I designed a 40th Birthday Party with all Moroccan elements for a night of dancing, smoking hookah, and lounging. For décor, I used bold colors such as purples, bright pinks + oranges with gold accents to set the Moroccan tone. Dark lanterns as centerpieces and red votives added to the Moroccan feel….simple but elegant. The highlight of the space was the hookah lounge. I set up a lounge with couches, pillows and hookahs at each table in the middle. Hookahs are huge in the Moroccan culture. It gave guests something to do between eating and dancing. A lounge was set up outside with outdoor heaters. For additional entertainment, we had a belly dancer surprise the guest of honor with a dance performance. She was great at getting everyone up and dancing. To end the night off, we passed Moroccan style cake pops while everyone danced, drank and partied the night away.
XO Nikki
On Thursday October 16th, almost 200 people came out to support Meg Starson and raise money for Hope in Motion at Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center.

While pregnant with my last baby I spent several months hoping she would be born after Halloween so I could plan the perfect fall festival 1st birthday party.