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Grilled Cheese | 3 ways

Who said you have to eat a plain old grilled cheese?  Our awesome team has put a spin on this classic concept that will definitely keep you wanting more!  We have come up with one savory, one sweet and a combo,  all of which are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Short Rib Grilled Cheese


Layers of aged sharp cheddar with shredded short rib beef and caramelized onions on potato bread

Nutella + Mascarpone Grilled Cheese



Decadent hazelnut cocoa spread paired with this lightly sweetened creamy Italian cheese, sliced strawberries, and grilled banana garnish on brioche bread

Bacon, Green Apple + Brie Grilled Cheese


Applewood smoked bacon, freshly sliced granny smith apples and brie all melted together on sourdough bread