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A simple, cute, delicious way to say thank you!  What’s better than a great giveaway!?  Whether it be for a party, teacher appreciation day or a corporate gathering, your guests will walk away smiling with this yummy treat!

To start off…just pop up a bunch of buttery popcorn.


Next, melt some chocolate chips in a large pot until smooth and creamy.

chocolte melting 

So simple and easy!  Place the popcorn on a large sheet pan in a single layer.  Then grab a spatula and carefully drizzle melted chocolate over the popcorn.  Refrigerate for just a few minutes to harden the chocolate.

 popcorn w drizzle

Once the chocolate is hardened, crumble gently with your hands.  We bought mini clear plastic bags to put our popcorn in.  You can decorate the bag any way you like.  We kept it simple and elegant with a logo sticker on it for this events giveaway!

bags w logo



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