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We love the chance to spend holidays with our friends and family, to indulge in yummy food, and to play hostess. With Easter being this sunday, we thought what a better way to celebrate than with a DIY Mimosa Bar?!

Our team put together this amazing bar to kick off the holiday weekend just to show you how easy it is to do!
(we may have also really wanted to be outside and have a refreshing cocktail on this gorgeous day)

Here's what you need: various fruit juices [pictured L-R is: peach nectar, pink grapefruit, pear nectar & orange], assorted fresh fruit [pictured is: berries, pears, watermelon, apples and grapefruit], and some bubbly - champagne, prosecco or cava. To make a mimosa you first fill the glass halfway with champagne, add in your favorite fruits and top with the juice of your choice.

The combination possibilities are endless! Here's some of our favorites:
the classic: orange juice + champagne
bellini: peach nectar + prosecco
moonwalk: grapefruit juice + champagne

You can get as creative as you'd like with the display. Its fun to mix and match vases of all shapes, heights and sizes. It's important to keep the chapmagne as cold as possible.
The mimosa bar isn't just good for easter - but any special celebration that you may be planning.

Cheers from our family to yours! Happy easter!